Two summers ago Lauren Glezer was traveling her way around India, finding inspiration in all of it’s beauty and blemishes. It was when she fell ill that she vowed to spend the remainder of her days writing and singing the songs of her soul. Since then she has spent many hours locked away in her bedroom writing and recording her debut EP, “Searching For Tall”.


 'I use music to map my personal journey - my own ups and downs and the stories of the people that I meet along the way. I find the more honest my songs are, the freer I become' , writes Lauren.


Old news to her friends but a newcomer to the Melbourne scene, Lauren has played at some of Melbourne best-loved venues including the Toff in Town, the Wesley Anne and Pop Records, playing solo, or with her incredibly talented band that consists of bassist, Ryan Monro (The Cat Empire) and drummer Conrad Tracy (founder of Revolver drums).


Lauren will be releasing her debut EP “Searching For Tall” early 2014.

Keep an eye out!